If you have a phobia, then you know they can really interfere with how we want to live our lives. Think about someone who has a fear of flying but likes those holidays abroad, or someone who has a fear of public speaking, but their dream job requires them every so often to stand up and give a presentation. But how do phobias begin, manifest and more importantly, how can we get rid of them.

You may, or may not know this, but we are only born with two fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling, and a phobia is an irrational, extreme type of fear. No one is born with a phobia and they are usually established either by having a traumatic experience first-hand, or by observing someone else’s, usually a family member’s phobic response. This could be, being in a car accident (or even observing one), having a nightmare or as a small child, witnessing on numerous occasions, mum, or dad, showing a strong fear reaction to a spider.

Phobias come in many forms, and can be a social phobia, relating to social situations and interactions, agoraphobia, fear of enclosed spaces or specific, which can relate to objects, animals, the environment, the body, or situations.

But no matter what the phobia, they usually include physical reactions, such as fast heartbeat or palpitations, dizziness, nausea, Shaking, Upset stomach, and Sweating. This is because, your body goes into fight or flight mode.

This is your brains way of trying to protect you, and so it sends out fear signals…” danger!”, avoid this at all costs. Logically and consciously, you know the chances of you actually being in real pain or danger whilst giving the presentation if you have a social phobia, or being killed when faced with a spider if you have arachnophobia, are pretty much zero. Unless you are an unpopular figure head or are in the Australian bush.

There are many ways in which people manage their phobia’s, from avoidance, (if that is an option), to cognitive behaviour therapy and breathing techniques. But imagine, if you had no fear response at all, to something that you know logically does not even warrant it. No extreme fear response to manage! That is where hypnotherapy can help. Because reacting to something that is nonthreatening, and very unlikely, if at all to able to cause harm, with an extreme response, is a subconscious programme. Hypnosis can change it at that very level. How will it feel to just shrug your shoulders every time you see a spider, or get on that plane, with excitement knowing you are going to be in a few hours, on that beach, without any worries whatsoever. How much would your life change?

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