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Carp Diem!

I love this phrase, as it really resonates with me. It’s part of the Latin phrase “Carpe Diem, quam minimum credula postero” written within a Horace ode, which translates into “Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow (the future)".

The meaning of "carpe diem" as used by Horace is not to ignore the future, but rather not to trust that everything is going to fall into place for you, and that taking action for the future today, is the way to go; that the future is unforeseen and that we should not leave to chance future happenings, but rather do all we can today to make one's future better.

So how much do you currently influence or design who or where you want to be in life? what type of person do you want to be? Where you would like to live? what career or business do you want? What friends and family do you want around you? What are you doing to get there? If it’s not something you have thought about, or just accept that life “happens to you”, then perhaps it’s time to think again and “seize the day” with these three top tips in designing and achieving your own personal destiny.

Destiny is your potential waiting to happen. It’s the peak of possibilities and where your dreams come true, but you must be willing to take the first steps to reach your potential.


Now for those of you who have already experienced my “Three Key’s Workshop”, you will know that I put a high value on having a really clear vision of your goals and outcomes. There are numerous ways to do this, but by far my favourite is to write it down in the form of “a day in the life/week in the life of my future self”. Be as specific as you like! Where are you living? What type of area, what career or business do you run? What’s your annual income? What car do you drive? How many holiday’s a year. Once it’s written down, re-visit it at least once a day, and when possible take some time to run it through your mind as a film, getting in touch with all that you hear, see, feel etc within that running video. All of this is telling your sub-conscious where you want to be heading, and your sub-conscious will get the message and help you to see and take the opportunities as they arise, and guide you to make any decisions that will lead to those visualised outcomes.


It’s important not just to know what you are doing in your ideal life, as you live your destiny, but who you are as a person. When you think of your future self, what is it about you that makes it the best version of you, whether you are working on a project, having a business meeting, enjoying time with family and friends, or teaching your kids. What are the positive traits/attributes and behaviours that you demonstrate? Are you calm and collected? a good listener? Influential? Determined? What skills and knowledge do you possess? Savvy with money? A great public speaker? Perhaps you are an expert in your chosen field. A great way to start with this is to identify what traits/attributes, skills and knowledge etc you will need for each goal area, that will support you reaching your destiny outcome.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the art of modelling is about learning how others think and respond, in a way that gets them to where they want to be. So, ask yourself; Is there someone who has achieved what I want to achieve, or something similar, by being consistent in what they do, how they do it, and the results they yield.In very simple modelling you can learn from/about someone else by observing how they behave, communicate, and what they do; by asking lots of questions and by very carefully listening to and observing their replies. In doing so you are likely to make some useful discoveries - such as how they prepare themselves, their thought processes, or how they have a certain way of recovering from setbacks.


Having the right mindset is key to making your destiny materialise, and is all about thinking in a way that is not only productive, but empowering. It includes, being committed, raising your standards, having a positive attitude, staying focused, and being resourceful.

COMMITTMENT - If you want to install and demonstrate commitment to your goals and outcomes, don’t just right it down, make yourself accountable, let someone else you know and trust to hold you to your commitment, by telling them your plans.

ATTITUDE - Your attitude is a key factor in determining whether you achieve your vision. Having a positive attitude, opens you up to a world of possibilities, where as a negative attitude will shut things down before they have even had chance to get off the ground.

STAYING FOCUSED AND MOTIVATED - As discussed in a previous blog, revisiting our reasons for wanting what we want, and our leverages, can keep us focused and motivated to keep working towards our goals and outcomes.

RAISE YOUR STANDARDS - having standards is about what is and is not acceptable to you, what will you no longer tolerate in your life? All the things that you will aspire to. If you want to have better outcomes in your life and results that are closer to the life you dream about, raise your standards. Look closely at the standards of other high achievers and successful people and you will begin to find clues as to how high of a standard you will have to set for yourself.

GET RESOURCEFUL - If something isn’t working, don’t immediately give up, try something else! We all need resources in one form or another to get to where we want to be, but if we don’t get resourceful, we may just fail. Being resourceful is all about, getting creative, thinking outside the box, having an open mind and being persistent!There’s a great quote by Edison, the inventor of the light bulb that says it all

"I didn't fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps"


Now with all these top tips in place, all that left to do is plan your steps, and prioritise and in the words of Anhtony Robbins TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

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