Bon Voyage!

I would love for you to come on a journey with me, but you won’t be getting in a car, boarding a plane or catching a train; and you will have no need for your passport or tickets. For this is a journey of thinking, change and self discovery to get you to any destination you desire. Now, I say come on a journey with me, as, contrary to popular beliefs about coaches. I’m not all sorted, and at the end of my journey, stepping off the train or plane, and onto the platform of my destiny proclaiming “I’ve arrived! I’m here, now let me tell you how you can do it, I’ve arrived so I know all there is to tell” This is so far from the truth. Yes, I have gathered some useful, skills, tools, knowledge and experiences along the way, for making changes, reaching goals, living a more purposeful life, all leading me towards the life I desire, but so have you! You just may not always recognise your strengths and achievements, when you need them again most. Every time I sit and have a great coaching conversation with a client, I learn so much; not only about the client themselves, but often about life and sometimes even myself! This is because coaching isn’t about telling the client what to do, or giving them advice, I have a belief that you the client has had a wealth of experiences, achievements, you hold a variety of attributes and skills, and that these can hold the keys to get to thinking in a way that will enable you to make changes, overcome obstacles and reach goals to achieve the life you desire. Sometimes it takes some gentle but powerful questioning, So next time you think of coaching, perhaps think of the friendly stranger on the train, whose seat next to, or opposite to is free and they invite you to sit. Maybe they realise you have already travelled so far or recognise that you have a heavy, but useful suitcase full of everything you need, and as you settled into your journey you have a powerful conversation, that carry's you through to the next station, and the next, until you reach your ideal destination.


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