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First Aid for our Mental Health

Well it's been a little while since I last posted, but since then I have been working on something very exciting, which I will tell you more about at the end of this post. But for now let's talk first aid!

As a qualified nurse, and a mother, I understand the importance of having a first aid kit around, some of us have them in our homes, but for most we can find them at work. They are the boxes full of useful items that can patch us up, so we no longer need further medical assistance, or hold the fort until we can receive full medical attention. Plasters for cuts, burn kits, bandages to support sprains or suspected breaks, sterile dressings and face masks, to name a few. But these are for when our physical body sustains an injury or is compromised in some way. So, what about our mental wellbeing? What can we do when our mental wellness is compromised, put at risk by negative thoughts, or emotions that are unhelpful at that particular time. Wouldn't life be wonderful if at those times, we could instantly connect with, a counsellor, therapist or yes you guessed it, a coach. Even now, in a world of click and swipe, unless you have the money to have a therapist or coach follow you around on tap, it's an unlikely scenario. So, what do we do? well we do exactly the same as if we had a physical first aid need, and have our very own mental health first aid kit, and here are my top six must have items to put in them.


Have a few of your favourite songs available to hand that can change your mood in an instant. you know the ones; the ones that make you feel happy, excited, inspired. For me personally, there's a few cold play songs that never fail to transport me to a happy place.


In the time it takes a cool pack to ease the fire of a burn, a well thought out (and established) affirmation, has the power to put you in a more useful state of mind, by bolstering those positive beliefs, that will get you through.


Or emotional freedom technique, like affirmations I practice these almost daily, and if I ever need to "tap" into a better state of mind within the space of a few minutes, this definitely works for me.


If you think you are in, or face a situation that is looks dire, change your angle! ask yourself: what positives can be gained from the situation. many tragic events portrayed in the media in recent times, have seen positives in the reactions and support of others displaying their humanity, resilience and resourcefulness.

Sentimental has value

Have a go-to object; something that always elicits that feel good memory, or reminds of your worth to someone. perhaps it’s a text, a hand-written note, a picture or a small gift.


have a handy list of the things your grateful for and also think about no matter what negative state you are in at the time, what are you grateful for around that time? Perhaps if you have just gone through a break-up, you may be grateful that you have friends or family to talk to. There's always something to be grateful for

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