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Getting the all Go for Goals!

What do we really think about when we set our goals? Is it just the outcome? Achieving the goal? Do we ever think about the impact of achieving our goals? And not just the positive!

In my coaching practice, I find it useful to do an ecology check, which is about exploring the impact of achieving the goal, on other areas’ in our lives. So basically, it’s about questioning, how will achieving X, impact on Y, if both are important.

A good example of this is when a client who smokes wants to quit but an impact of achieving this could be weight gain. Unconscious blocks (such as fearing weight gain), can sabotage the original goal to stop smoking, but by exploring how congruent our goals are with the other areas of our lives, we can firstly check that we really want this goal, and secondly plan or adjust to reach our goals without compromising an area that is important to us. So here are some great ecology check questions that can be related to various areas in our lives such as health, finances, family/home life, social and work relationships or local community.

What is the real purpose behind why I want this goal?

What will I lose or gain if I have it?

What will and won’t happen if I get it?

What will and won’t happen if I don’t get it?

Happy goal setting!


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